Slinky Slurps was set up due to the extreme demand for the mugs once sold by Emily for her first business Slinky Sketches. 

Back in summer 2022 Emily's original mugs went viral several times and with sales of over 3000 mugs in less than six months during her busiest periods of orders (and overwhelm) her friend Zara would come and give her a hand with packing orders as well as a few days helping to make mugs. In February 2023 Emily decided she wanted to pull away from the crafting aspect of her business and much to everyone's horror retired her glass mugs so that she could focus on illustrating. Since making that decision Slinky Sketches has truly blossomed, but Emily was still being asked if she could find a way to bring mugs back in some form. 

In May Zara approached Emily asking if there was some way she could have some part time work and after a good month or two of planning Slinky Slurps was born. Emily takes the helm of the business as Creative Director overseeing the illustration of all designs, managing all social media platforms and handling customer enquiries whilst Zara (the crafty lil bitch) makes all mugs for the premade drops and packs and posts every single order. Its a match made in heaven!

All stock is premade and is released on the 1st of every month at 7pm. We also have limited edition designs that feature for one month only each so keep your eyes peeled!